Supa Strikas Football Comic

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Supa Strikas TV series - season 3 Trailer
Supa Strikas influence map (2010)
Supa Strikas Collector Cards were handed out at Chevron gas stations throughout Africa and Asia during the FIFA 2010 World Soccer Cup, as part of a international marketing campaign.
FAN ART from around the world.
Technically speaking, Supa Strikas is a 24 page heat-press news-print comic (19.5 X 26.5mm). It is sold by street vendors and also inserted and distibuted through larger national newpapers worldwide. 
For me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a group of kids huddling around a Supa Strikas comic book - pointing furiously, reading out loud, and mimmicking the outrageous soccer moves.
The head illustrator, Bonisa Bonani, is great with soccer action / movement - read full issues on their website.
SCAMPING (aka sketching ideas) - Here's a very basic example of the creative development process: The 'ideas team' - which normally consists of 1 or 2 writers, an art director and 1 or 2 illustrators - pitch their favourite story ideas, and eventually the group agree on the best stories.  Soon after, they flesh out and refine each story, then create the above thumbnails or scamps. After a few revisions, we write the full script and produce a 'brief pack' that goes into production. There are normally about 5 of different stories in different phases from the initial 'idea phase' to 'pre-print'.
SHAKES, our protagonist, is a young and very talented athelete with a serious attitude! He is a typical teenager who manages to always find trouble, and has to dig his way out while running circles around his opposition!
SKARRA and Shakes have been rivals since high school. He's a classic bad guy, always working on under-handed tactics to derail his opposition, no matter what the cost. 
EL MATADOR is probably the most arrogant player in the Super League, and is great fun to write into stories.
SUPA STRIKAS CULTURE is prevelant throughout Asia, Africa, South America and Latin America, with an estimated to total of 20 - 25 million fans - known as 'strikas' or 'supafans'.
Supa Strikas Extra Time was launched for markets in North Africa.  It's a 36 pager, jammed-packed with additional content: the latest football news and gossip around the world, Premier League and Supa Strikas posters, football tips, statistics, interviews and more
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